Nine is used to 6 cookbook to let your shut-eye arrive day b
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The likelihood is Morpheus habit undeserved, likelihood is protracted disease, likelihood it is body state owe beautiful, a few females can appear to be being opened for longEyeSleep to be not worn, do not remember a bed by day, take a nap a circumstance that does not come. It is medicine 3 minutes poison, major girls do not want to depend on medicaments to solve Morpheus problem, so might as well hold the following the nine Morpheus habit below mixes 6Nutrient foodCookbook, let your shut-eye sleep to big day break.

One, the female is easyInsomniaspecial account

The female is in every months menstrual early days, level of its female hormone is met heighten, and corpus luteum ketone can be lacked however, this kind of circumstance often can cause sex hormone between lopsided. Why do this have namely " feminine aunt Mom will be not offended " view.

In menstruation, the female still can appearThe bosom is frowsty, moodAngst, sadness is about to cry, to all sorts of stimulationAllergicWait for a symptom. Besides, the culture education that still gets with woman place, traditional ethics morality teachs an influence to concern.

Generally speaking, the female's disposition tends indrawn, affection is more rich, experience more exquisite also, acumen to affective. All these, it is the cause that causes female easy insomnia.

2, female 10 Morpheus good convention

1, not ambitious him approach falls asleep

If you try to force your to fall asleep, often can wake oneself, very difficult reentry sleeps. Also do not imagine " it is before me how be asleep " " factitious what can be asleep " such you fasten dozy move.

2, often do not see alarm clock

A lot of people have thi上海品茶工作室

s kind of habit, restless moment slants when should look, often subliminal go calculating still can sleep a few hours. Such can further worry, can fall asleep harder so. See Zhong Ye to no effect anyway, be asleep early just is to settle way.

3, do not oversleep

Because do not have a thing to work in the evening,do not want, sleep desperately. If a few days such sleeping, can break your biological clock, so you can fall asleep very hard in the evening. Fill on the weekend with manage Mian also is unscientific.

4, do not go fearing Morpheus is insufficient

Try not to fear you can sleep how long, this kind of angst can make the state of Mian of gain and loss is immersed in undesirable loop, this is called " recognizant sex insomnia " , happen in worry about oneself very much when you whether when getting enough sleep.

5, avoid a wine precise and appropriate to make the fine drug that allows you to fall asleep

Avoid to drink in the late night, before people thinks generally to sleep, drink can help M上海水磨

orpheus, but in fact, original when, alcohol may reach the action of tranquillizer since the meeting really, but look for a long time, alcohol can produce a lot of side effect that have loss to Morpheus. And the headache that awake can make your spirit poorer instead.

6, before sleeping, warm first personally

The body that oneself invite before sleeping keeps warm, for example bubble a hot bath, can let you very easily sleep soundly. The female does not have an insatiable desire for summer cool go to bed to bath of a cold water.

7, try to forgo noon break

If you have the habit that noon break perhaps takes a nap, and want be asleep more easily in the late evening, sleep good become aware, so you can try to drop noon break ring first, look what佛山夜网

can produce. If noon break does not have the word with abstemious or wrong time to sleep probably to the dusk, such night are fastened thoroughly dozy.

8, healthy sexual life

Sexual life is by everybody hep can be in nightly alleviate a kind of method of pressure. Healthy sexual life can promotional feeling, let the body get relaxation, also have profit to Morpheus at the same time.

9, the bedroom that decorates you and bed, let them be mixed only sleep to be concerned with sexual life

Do not have a thing, see TV perhaps read a book on the bed. Although these things will be a few righter the person's Morpheus is helpful, but also give cerebrum at the same time subconscious: The bed is not the place that suits to sleep, this meeting lets you sleep to be not worn become aware. TV watching when this also has a meal is a truth.

3, the female aids Mian cookbook 6 times

1, soup of wild jujube benevolence

Practice: Take wild jujube benevolence 3 money dolly, the decoct that use water is taken, had better be to sleep before one hour to take every night.

Action: Wild jujube benevolence can control central nervous system, have more constant composed effect. ToDeficiency of blood and pathological changes caused by itThe be perturbed that causes not Mian or palpitation uneasiness have fine effect.

2, 3 flavour sleep peacefully soup

Practice: Wild jujube benevolence 3 money, the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, high aspiration each one money, with water 500 milliliter decoct becomes 50 milliliter, at sleeping before take.

Action: 3 kinds of medicinal materials all have above Ning Xin, calm the nerves, composed action, mix have hypnotic effect.

3, the congee that raise a heart

Practice: Take dangshen 35 grams, go nuclear red jujube 10, god of the tuber of dwarf lilyturf, Fu each 10 grams, become 500 milliliter with the water simmer in water of 2000 milliliter, go after broken bits, boil in all with abluent rice and water, brown sugar is joined to take after rice is ripe.

Action: This congee is tasted accelerate to the heartbeat, Forgetful, insomnia, much dream person have apparent curative effect.

4, soup of longan lotus seed

Practice: This way is very simple, go to lotus seed first core is abluent, boil boiling water together with longan, rock candy can.

Action: Have raise heart, peaceful spirit, be good at the effect of lienal, filling kidney, most the old people in agreeing with, long-term insomnia person take.

5, Jing Xinshang

Practice: Longan flesh, plain the root of red-rooted salvia each 3 money, become half bowls with simmer in water of two bowls of water, before sleeping 30 minutes are taken.

Action: Can achieve composed result, the insomnia that declines to painstaking effort empty especially person, ef上海水磨

fect relatively beautiful.

6, calm the nerves soup:

Practice: Will unripe lily 5 money evaporate is ripe, join a yoke, with divide evenly of agitate of 200 milliliter wa上海水磨

ter, join a few rock candy, after boil again the divide evenly of agitate of cool boiled water with 50 milliliter, at sleeping before one hour drinkable.

Action: Can calm the nerves to be enraged rather, can have the effect that enrich the blood at the same time.

6 afore-mentioned congee are tasted is very maneuverable, and be used for a long time certain result reachs since the meeting! Having good Morpheus is anxious do not come, before sleeping, think desperately " I should be asleep " can rise to combat the effect instead. Loosen the mood, noticing to foster correct Morpheus to be used to ability at ordinary times is correct path.